Smeared Clusters

Red and Blue Dudes       This one was given to a friend 

Pink Cloud

Seeing something different with each view​​

Like Pink Crosses

Blue Star Party 

Three and Six Hearts                    SOLD 8/9/14 The Blue Water House Lewes, DE * thanks Rick !

Ocean and Soil          Donated to MERR Institute, Inc. annual Fundraiser, DE November 2013 

Not Certain 

Colors Go By            SOLD 6/22/15The Blue Water House Inn Lewes, DE * thanks Rick !


Horseshoe Galaxy 

Out of the Tube Series:

Acrylics painted using the tube as a brush

​Chris Geurds Art - acrylic paintings


Copyright 2013- 2017. Chris Geurds Art acrylic paintings. All rights reserved

Pink and Blue Whisp

Different Repetition            SOLD10/14/17  to  Dee from Medford Lakes, NJ @ 2nd Saturday Collingswood, NJ  * thanks Dee !

Three Ball Music

Not Just Like Stars

Three and Two Together

Sleepy Heart

Never Seen Those