Smeared Clusters

Like Pink Crosses

Different Repetition            SOLD10/14/17  to  Dee from Medford Lakes, NJ @ 2nd Saturday Collingswood, NJ  * thanks Dee !

Three Ball Music

Copyright 2013- 2017. Chris Geurds Art acrylic paintings. All rights reserved

Three and Two Together


Pink and Blue Whisp

Ocean and Soil          Donated to MERR Institute, Inc. annual Fundraiser, DE November 2013 

Not Certain 

Horseshoe Galaxy 

Out of the Tube Series:

Acrylics painted using the tube as a brush

Seeing something different with each view​​

Never Seen Those

​Chris Geurds Art - acrylic paintings


Three and Six Hearts                    SOLD 8/9/14 The Blue Water House Lewes, DE * thanks Rick !

Not Just Like Stars

Sleepy Heart

Red and Blue Dudes       This one was given to a friend 

Pink Cloud

Colors Go By            SOLD 6/22/15The Blue Water House Inn Lewes, DE * thanks Rick !

Blue Star Party